“Besides having Thomas as my Unit III instructor, I had the great opportunity of having him as my mentor for a few Inherent Motion sessions with a couple of my clients. With his guidance, I was amazed at how much I could feel about what was going on in my client. It completely changed my sessions, adding so much depth and integration to them. Thomas has this incredible way of making you feel comfortable, unending compassion and a very strong and grounding presence. There is also such a gentleness and freedom about him. I strongly recommend Thomas and can’t wait to do my Inherent Motion workshop with him.”

JANE OLTRAMARI, Certified Rolfer®
Boulder, CO

“On my 60th. birthday, I was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pains.

Less than 24 hours later, I was recovering from open heart surgery.

After several days I was home and moving very slowly. Thomas came to visit me at home, took one look at me and offered to do some work with me. Knowing Thomas as a gifted Rolfer®…..my first thought was that I didn’t feel I was ready for a Rolfing session. Thomas explained that he wanted to do a BIODYNAMIC session with me that required no deep tissue work. We began on a massage table with Thomas holding my feet at my ankles. After some time, he moved to my lower back, laying his hands under me. From there, he did the same, with his hands cradling my head and neck. Off the table and standing, I immediately felt the energy of my body had dramatically changed. There was less pain, my balance was much better, I had greater overall body strength and my mind was much clearer. As I walked into my kitchen, my wife and visiting friends, took one look at me and stood speechless for some time. They could see my body color, posture and energy had all come back. My time with Thomas, was without a doubt, the single biggest turning point in regaining my self. A follow up session a week later, did even more to improve my wellbeing.

Thank You Thomas.”

Brent Best
Boulder, CO

“Thomas has changed our lives. Through his amazingly gentle work ( it looks like he isn’t doing anything), the right side of my 14 year old son’s rib cage has ‘uncurled’ and is now in a normal structural pattern. It only took 2 sessions! This extraordinary change has had more than physical benefits. My son is more active, confident and happy. His asthma symptoms are also decreasing! As a mom, I am very appreciative for all the positive changes Thomas has brought to our family. Many Thanks!”

Heidi Hauge
Boulder, CO

” I’m really enjoying working with the fluid body you taught us. It’s absolutely broadened my view of this work and my practice.  Not to mention has it been a lot easier on my body. My ability to tap into it all waxes and wanes with the day, time of day, how I’m doing, stress, etc,  but when it’s there, wow!  It’s really amazing.
My main question is……is this for real????  I mean, sometimes I feel like a damn magician while I’m doing this work. I’ve felt fluid connecting from my contact at the achilles all the way to the ischial tuberosities or sacrum!”
Mike Williams
Austin, TX
“Thomas, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed learning from you. Your love of this work and love of life and compassion for humans in all our striving shines through all of your teaching.”

Deb de Angelis
Kansas City, KS

“Thank you so much for your time and generosity of teaching and spirit in the class. It was a truly fantastic experience for me. I’m deeply appreciative to you for how you conducted the class and what a good job you did of leading us into the material, giving us an ample sense of the context for the work we’d be exploring along with an explicitly stated focus for where and how we’d be working during the workshop, and then sticking to that in a way that got us quickly and consistently to a place to experience and practice it in reality, not just in theory. You succeeded really well at tying the fluid field work to a more traditional sense of the work and goals of Rolfing, again both theoretically and practically. Lots to chew on now.”

Paul Wirth
Salt Lake City, UT

“For a few years now I’ve wrestled with just how to combine Rolfing with, what until now, I called cranial work, henceforth I ‘ll call inherent motion work. You have clarified this for me. This workshop has been profoundly significant.”

Michael Pelligrino
Tucson, AZ

Feedback from student evaluation forms:

“Thomas’s ability to change bodies with such a light touch is truly remarkable. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed and been a part of this process.”

“It’s been invaluable to learn from Thomas. He is sincere, caring, clear and shares as much as he can, And so humble. He explains in a way that it becomes a part of you. I am so grateful to have worked with him.”

“Thomas is a good teacher who is able to change his “language” in order to accommodate everyone in the class as well as maintain enough flexibility in his lecture plan to speak to the needs of the group. He always brought wisdom and joy to the topics being offered.”

“Thomas is an awesome teacher. His humor and knowledge are well mixed in lectures. He is a gifted man and passionate of his work. It’s a real pleasure top have had this experience with him. I hope to have more time to learn from him in the future.”