Madison, WI – Module 1: October 12 -15 2017

Module 1 – Foundations

The content of this beginning Module of the EiW curriculum teaches the fundamentals needed for every Module that follows. Each skill and topic in Module 1 will be reviewed and expanded upon in each succeeding class. Much of this Module will be oriented toward exploring the felt sense of “presence” and how it enhances and expands your perceptions. The science and the foundational concepts of Wholeness will be introduced and experienced using hands-on explorations. Fascia is the medium for these explorations. You will be introduced to the steps necessary to balance the fascia. Instead of having a conceptual understanding of fascial continuity, you will experience it.

One 4-day class
Inclusive Attention and neutral
Continuum of Contact™
The autonomic nervous system and the therapeutic relationship
The 3 models of cranial sacral therapy and their whole – body responses
Introduction to “listening hands”
2 hands working
1 hand working / 1 hand listening
Finding the state of balance in the fascia
Introduction to Wholeness and Primary Respiration
Embryology of Wholeness